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As nearly anyone associated with a college or university knows, databases abound in an academic environment.
Understand the variety of available databases (including content and options for searching) and identify the proper database to search for information
Penetration Testing Capabilities -- Performs brute force attacks on new or existing databases to determine common or easily detected passwords.
com/) have developed proprietary databases of this type.
The budget analysts in the SAOs routinely use various databases and regulations available on the internet.
Experience shows that larger databases negatively impact application performance and take longer to load, unload, search, reorganize and recover.
Unisys has unveiled a series of ES7000 packaged server solutions designed to accelerate deployment of database servers for large enterprises.
Research is being done to ascertain if there are patterns, not just within databases but within documents and disciplines, that contribute to knowledge retrieval.
Indexes to records within relational databases may be stored separately from the actual database files containing data records.
The fourth generation language (4GL) provided by some databases allows users to format input screens with a host of editing and validating controls.
Making data pretty The newer side of database publishing is the creation of specialized publications using existing databases.