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The daily rate of catch of cod, haddock, saithe, catfish, flounder and herring (total of all species) is 100 kg in the Barents Sea, and 50 kg in the White Sea.
For work done during a special day that also falls on the workers' rest day, they shall be paid an additional 50 percent of their daily rate on the first eight hours of work.
STR analysts cite supply growth as the reason for the year-on-year increases in occupancy and average daily rates.
South Korea promised to cut its Iranian oil imports by 15 per cent from the daily rate seen from December 2012 to May 2013, two sources told Reuters last month.
Tourism chiefs may want more hotels for the UAE - but figures released on Sunday showed hotel occupancy, average daily rates and revenues all dipped in September compared to the same month in 2011.
The discount to the Green Lot follows the move by the airport to drop the daily rates in the Blue Deck to USD10 from USD16.
After that, it will be contracted with shipping company CSAV Valparaiso for about 24 months at a daily rate of $20,000.
In the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, guests receive up to 29% off the Hyatt Daily Rate.
In other terms, a portfolio composed of a logistic and a normal daily rate of return may be even asymmetrical.
992 million barrels with a daily rate of 32,818 barrels.
Upon the guest's request, there is a connecting room that can be rented for an additional daily rate of $344.
One of the two blocks subject to the deal is already producing crude oil at a daily rate of 20,000 barrels and is expected to boost daily output to some 50,000 barrels by 2009, Teikoku Oil said.