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Early nonlinear simulations of baroclinic instability (Phillips 1956; Mudrick 1974) revealed the generation of frontlike features during cyclone intensification and further supported the baroclinic instability concept, in which surface cold and warm fronts are a consequence of cyclogenesis and not the cause.
The severe cyclone has left a trail of destruction in India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
Previous works have reported cyclone dimensions to have an influence on MEIV.
Director of Meteorological Department Shamsuddin Ahmed said that the cyclone Mora could cross the coast of Chittagong- Cox's Bazar on Tuesday morning after moving further north.
One of the deadliest cyclones to ever hit Madagascar was Gafilo in 2004.
PST enables active cyclone control, whereby the optimum particle size distribution is produced by ensuring coarse cyclones are closed.
As of mid-day on Tuesday, the cyclone is marked in North Arabian Sea centered at latitude 21.
The windspeeds and water levels for cyclone Megh are currently unknown.
There is no evidence to suggest that Qatar has ever been hit by a tropical cyclone.
4 - tropical cyclone winds of 171-220 kph are expected within the next 12 hours
For instance, when Cyclone Sidr was about to hit Bangladesh in 2007, the media ran a mass awareness campaign.
Unconfirmed reports suggest dozens of people could have died when Cyclone Pam tore through the archipelago of islands with winds of up to 155mph.