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In an initial study with 157 participants, the researchers found that participants who were prompted to take a linear perspective - focused on achieving goals so that the future will be easier - projected they would save less money in the next month than those who read about a cyclical method, focused on making routines and habits now to repeat over time.
Cyclical decorations to the external building fabric including outbuildings and stores; cyclical decorations to internal communal areas; repairs and replacements including windows and doors, roofs, boundary walls and fencing, paths and estate roads, asbestos removal and reinstatement works to communal areas; damp proofing, dry rot and mould treatment to communal areas.
Later on it is found that fiscal policy conducted in developing countries are pro-cyclical and counter cyclical in OECD countries [Talvi and Vegh (2005); Braun (2001); Alesina, et al.
Cyclical breast pain: It is nearly always due to fluctuating hormone levels, which every woman experiences as part of the cycle.
Echoes of the 2008-09 crisis were behind the negative performance of TMT cyclical stocks in 2011, in our view.
The exact cause of cyclical mastalgia is poorly understood but the link to the menstrual cycle makes a hormonal connection likely.
6% organic revenue growth) imply that cyclical volumes in that year only grow by 0.
Japan has seen eight cyclical bear markets as defined by "more than a 20 percent correction" since 1950, but four of these were during the secular bear market of the Heisei Depression.
Along with the aforementioned decline in energy prices, interest rates remain quite low by historical standards, and the value of the dollar is also at a cyclical low point.
Delaware's cyclical pattern was very different, according to Crone: "Delaware suffered one long cyclical downturn between August 1979 and August 1982--a period that spanned two downturns for the Nation and for the other two States in the region.
Coming off the cyclical high of early 2000, where vacancies statewide were in the 7 to 8% range, we have seen tremendous contraction across all industry sectors.
Keenly reflexive, Instruction (#4) exemplifies the way in which all the works here seamlessly repeat, merging beginning and end in cyclical continuity.