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This 2007 worm infected millions of computers and then took its infections further than the last two worms on our list, as cybercrooks moved from notoriety to professionalism.
Pamela Warren, senior solution marketing manager, McAfee asserts that "Cybercrooks are gaining an edge over Internet users and those seeking to stop the criminals - largely due to a 'swiss cheese' of cybercrime laws worldwide, a lack of prosecutorial and law enforcement resources and low government prioritization." These were the findings in the 2009 McAfee Cybercrime Versus Cyberlaw Virtual Criminology Report.
Cybercrooks use rootkits to hide other nefarious programs on compromised PCs.
As the assaults from cybercrooks intensify, you really need to run updates and patches as frequently as possible, probably a couple of times a week.
When users enter their personal data into the fake site, the cybercrooks collect it.
That is just one of the findings of the Symantec team, which spends much of its time in the dark corners of the Internet, in chat rooms and on message boards where cybercrooks loiter.
Brazil quicky embraces new technology, yet the country is becoming a haven for cybercrooks who rob hanks.
From footwear to pharmaceuticals, cybercrooks are moving knockoffs across the Internet.
"But there is also a new generation of cybercrooks who can operate from anywhere in the world, hide their identity and disappear from the web in seconds."
Sometimes people act too quickly and end up destroying evidence that could be used to prosecute the cybercrooks or prevent recurring attacks.
Engineers have crammed an electromechanical combination lock onto a computer chip that they say can shut out cybercrooks. The device erects a barrier to computer intrusions that is far more difficult to penetrate than security software, the only option available today, say the lock's inventors.
"The threat, sophistication, and impact of security intrusion has increased dramatically," said John Kimmins, director, Secure Systems and Operations Group, Bellcore, who provided examples of methods "cybercrooks" use to break into networks to steal information.