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1. See: Security.

2. Any tool that a government may use to influence the economy. Common instruments include setting prevailing interest rates, raising or lowering taxes, and awarding contracts to the private sector to stimulate demand for goods and services.

3. See: Contract.


A legal document, such as a check, a security, or a will.


A written legal document.

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Present electric technology delivers to the dental practitioner cutting instruments that are more efficient than air turbines can supply.
Rods can be used in dressing poles, cutting instruments, hard alloy cutting tools and boring bits for super-complex and super-deep drilling.
These black inmates have complained that the Sheriff's Department was aware that a riot was about to take place, that the Sheriff's Department is aware that Hispanic inmates are armed with shanks and knives and cutting instruments, and that the Sheriff's Department is aware that these Latino inmates are determined to maim and kill black inmates at any cost,'' said Darden, an author, sometimes actor, law school professor and attorney.
Prior Information Notice: Provision of technological laboratory equipment built University Centre for energy-efficient buildings (UCEEB) cutting instruments and other devices necessary for the proper operation and use of laboratories
9 percent involved knives or other cutting instruments.
9 percent, and knives or cutting instruments in 15.
The violation of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, concealment, or use of firearms, cutting instruments, explosives, incendiary devices, or other deadly weapons.
Then the uterine lining is removed both with cutting instruments and electrosurgical tools, which burn the lining off.
Knives and cutting instruments were used in the remainder of the offenses.