cut-off date

Cut Off Date

1. In property law, the date at which an unclaimed security or other property is turned over to the state in which the last known owner was last known to reside. See also: Escheat.

2. The date a discount, sale, or other especially lowered price on a product or products expires.

3. The last day of a month in which a bank calculates the activity on its accounts. For example, if the cut off date is the fifteenth of the month, the bank calculates its accounts' activities from the fifteenth of one month to the fifteenth of the next. Statements are based on activities between cut off dates.
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cut-off date

the date, coinciding with the end of an accounting period, after which goods received from suppliers or sold to customers will not enter the accounting records for that accounting period but will be recorded at the start of the next accounting period. This date is of particular importance to the stocktaking at the period end and to the measurement of sales, purchases and profit.
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When the cut-off date balances were measured against the DBRS As-Is net cash flow (NCF), 20 loans comprising 62.2% of the cut-off date pool balance had a DBRS As-Is debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) below 1.00 times (x), a threshold indicative of higher default risk.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 6 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday requested Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar to extend the cut-off date for enrollment of farmers under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) for the Kharif Season to August 14.
At the cut-off date 1 July 2018, the total collateral pool consisted of 69,865 loans with a balance of CNY4 billion.
Teeth ageing DEFRA has confirmed plans for a fixed cut-off date of June 30 to age lambs instead of checking teeth in a move that could save the UK sheep sector PS24m.
Both Danish Terriers have been handed three cautions already this season and will be given a one-match ban should they pick up five before the cut-off date. The pair, along with the rest of the Town squad, must avoid picking up five yellow cards before December 31, when the threshold for a ban is raised to 10 cautions.
Australia are placed third with 106 points after gaining four points following the update, taking back the position from New Zealand, who had overtaken them at the last cut-off date of April 3.
India and South Africa had won $ 1 million and $ 500,000, respectively for finishing first and second at the cut-off date.
The electoral rolls will stand frozen on the new cut-off date which is April 30.
It has also submitted its 2017 financial year audited accounts before the March 31 cut-off date.
Second issue of 'Age Cut-Off Date' wherein the age is to be reckoned by 01/Sept/2018, though the Jobs announcement date is 19/Feb/2018, is still unaddressed.
The cut-off date for election of cash is December 7, 2017.