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To cut corners last year, Michael Butler--a grower from Osceola, Ark.--canceled his subscription to DTN's satellite information service.
These results, along with anecdotal evidence, leads McCabe to conclude that while the Internet is clearly a convenient tool for students already looking to cut corners, it is not necessarily fostering great numbers of "new" cheaters.
"I don't want to cut corners based on what the Dow is doing any particular month," said Nichol.
Meghan Herlihy, 18, of New Canaan, Connecticut, cut corners on the clothes.
Touching on a supplementary budget for fiscal 2000, Kamei told reporters at the LDP's headquarters, ''Now is not the time to cut corners. We want a budget that will draw out and underpin private demand.''
Maybe he cut corners in cutting out the competition.
A final point: If you don't cut corners in your recruiting, if you don't bring in losers to play for you, if you don't monkey with the eligibility rules, if you don't allow just anybody to help you recruit, if you keep your players out of bars, and if You keep a close check on their associations...
Other departments also had costs higher than industry benchmarks, but the professional staff and board had agreed not to "cut corners like some for-profits."
Just because Americans don't purchase their own health insurance directly doesn't mean there's "market failure." And just because employers are costconscious doesn't mean they have an incentive to cut corners on their health plan.
He advised that those who review or audit financial statements "cannot be complacent or cut corners. We must be skeptical, scrutinize, ask questions and hold people accountable.
Her staff cut corners to accommodate plaintiff's absences.
Renewed and reinvigorated We Cut Corners are poised to release Imposters in early October.