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An individual or organization that buys (or has the potential of buying) a good or service from a seller. A customer can be new or long standing and can tend toward large or small purchases, depending both on the customer and the type of business being patronized. Marketing and customer service are used to attract and retain customers.


a BUYER of a good or service from a BUSINESS. See also INTERNAL CUSTOMER.
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To one or two rather officious offers of sympathy, her responses were little short of acrimonious; and, we regret to say, Hepzibah was thrown into a positively unchristian state of mind by the suspicion that one of her customers was drawn to the shop, not by any real need of the article which she pretended to seek, but by a wicked wish to stare at her.
There are 3 stages to establishing an effective customer strategy:
The goal is to uncover strategies for making each customer more valuable while ensuring a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.
The LPIT took responsibility for developing the FMS reserve for Naval Aviation FMS customers with the goal of enhancing life cycle logistics support for FMS customer weapon systems.
Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies support efficient growth and have become a focus for many businesses.
Companies understand that Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing (eCRM) has significant potential, but they face the challenge of building the required technology infrastructure quickly and cost effectively.
We have developed an approach to customer service that we realize is not the only "correct" method of serving customers, but we do believe it works best for our business, and it has naturally evolved over our 35 years of experience in the rubber mixing business.

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