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An individual or organization that buys (or has the potential of buying) a good or service from a seller. A customer can be new or long standing and can tend toward large or small purchases, depending both on the customer and the type of business being patronized. Marketing and customer service are used to attract and retain customers.
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a BUYER of a good or service from a BUSINESS. See also INTERNAL CUSTOMER.
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"I never was so frightened in my life!" said the curious customer, in describing the incident to one of her acquaintances.
Some malevolent spirit, doing his utmost to drive Hepzibah mad, unrolled before her imagination a kind of panorama, representing the great thoroughfare of a city all astir with customers. So many and so magnificent shops as there were!
Customers came in, as the forenoon advanced, but rather slowly; in some cases, too, it must be owned, with little satisfaction either to themselves or Miss Hepzibah; nor, on the whole, with an aggregate of very rich emolument to the till.
To one or two rather officious offers of sympathy, her responses were little short of acrimonious; and, we regret to say, Hepzibah was thrown into a positively unchristian state of mind by the suspicion that one of her customers was drawn to the shop, not by any real need of the article which she pretended to seek, but by a wicked wish to stare at her.
Unfortunately, everything had included the customers. During the last few days they had taken their seats in moist gloom, and, brooding over the prospect of coming colds in the head, had had little that was pleasant to say to the divinity who was shaping their ends.
She did not care if a million customers came in, all at the same time.
He was keeping open all night, and dozing between customers.
In a similar way I am, or I have been, trustee of one kind or other for scores of our customers. These are mere business relations, miss; there is no friendship in them, no particular interest, nothing like sentiment.
As a result, businesses increased focus on working R6[sigma][TM] projects with the customer for the customer as well as embedding use of it in product development.
"Our field experience shows an unacceptable number of customer problems are not detected by traditional network management systems," said Giorgio Dina, Agilent OSS vice president and general manager.
Articles have proliferated in the national press pointing to the downside of promising too much to the assisted living customer.
On the other hand, with support designed-in on the motherboard, every server ships with the cost of Fibre Channel regardless of whether every customer needs it.

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