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In the context of project financing, the extra amount of net cash flow remaining after expected debt service.
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1. Period of time during which a bond cannot be called. Interest payments are guaranteed during the cushion, but not after, as the bond may be prematurely redeemed at any point after the call date.

2. A reserve account, or the function a reserve account serves, usually to pay off bad debt.

3. An advantageous debt-to-equity ratio, usually less than 40%.
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But cushiony top also means that devouts using this mat would never get zabiha (raisin in Arabic), a forehead mark caused by friction when the forehead comes in contact with a regular mat.
Like the existing Jellybean line, these rugs are also handmade and washable, but with the addition of 12 mm of memory foam inside for a cushiony touch.
Lovely cushiony breasts have been demoted to Just friends: Brooks, above David Cameron.
One side of the young adult area has three computers on a bar, two study tables with chairs, and a cushiony lounge chair with a small table/stool.
The students, who managed to raise Dh13, 000, have learnt that living in a cushiony sleeping bag, with a pillow and a blanket within the secure premises of your own campus is a difficult experience.: "It was hard with the sand, not showering for a week and sleeping on the ground, but we did it" said one student.
Cushiony, toothsome and significantly scorched as it was, my bread was not as puffy and wonderful as I imagined it would be.
Khozashvili, a spectacular addition to the BB roster, has buoyant leaps that land with cushiony softness.
While carpets provide a warm, cushiony surface for children who like to play on the floor, they can also release dust and fumes that cause sniffles, headaches, asthma and other health problems.
Applied to dry skin, it is easy to wash off with water, leaving your face with a smooth, cushiony finish and feeling instantly refreshed.
This healthy and delish dish is also delightfully simple: Sear sushi-grade tuna in a spicy blend of soy sauce, ginger, cilantro, lime and honey, and snuggle atop a cushiony Challah bun.
The super cushiony shoe provides one with a feeling of walking on a sandy beach.
FACT: While arthritis is more common as you age, thanks to the impact of time on the cushiony cartilage that prevents joints and bone from rubbing against one another, age itself doesn't cause arthritis.