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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.


The slope of a roof, sidewalk, or other surface. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific requirements for the pitch of access ramps leading to building entrances.

Example: Figure A has a 1:12 pitch because the slope rises 1 foot for every 12 feet of distance. Figure B has a 1:6 pitch.

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It is tempting to focus on the part about the curve ball, but the objection is to any attempt to pitch the ball in such a way that the batter cannot hit it.
I start by setting the poles about halfway down to the target, slightly to the right of center for right-hand throwers and opposite for lefties to develop the curve ball.
That's a classic, but bigger than a big league curve ball.
They are among the great transportation all-stars because they swung at the good pitches and they were able to hit the curve balls thrown at them.
Curve Ball is one of the most popular seasonal beers on the West Coast.
Once I started pitching, my dad said I could not start throwing a curve ball until I was 13, 14 years old.
The Worcester Tech junior right-hander got ahead of hitters, hit his spots and set up his knee-bending 12-to-6 curve ball with a mixture of fastball and changeups.
The Phillies' Halladay often throws a "slow" pitch like a curve ball in the 80s).
He was given the code name Curve Ball, and was interrogated intensively for most of 2000.
That's the curve ball the industry should be working on.
Roy knows how to play against us and he's beaten us twice already this season so I threw a bit of a curve ball at them by not picking Ben Burgess and going for a bit more movement.
Samuel wrote: "He (Collymore) fell victim to a combination of faulty research, poor back-up and a curve ball of a fixture schedule, when pronouncing that Manchester United would face disappointment in Japan.