current production rate

Current production rate

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Current Production Rate

The highest interest rate payable on mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae). The current production rate is usually half a point less than what the homeowners are paying in interest on their mortgage. For example, if homeowners whose mortgages back the securities are paying 6% on their mortgages, the maximum interest payable is almost always 5.5%. See also: Ginnie Mae Pass-Through.
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current production rate

The maximum interest rate payable on current Ginnie Mae pass throughs. The current production rate is usually 1/2 of 1% under the rate of interest charged on mortgages backing the pass throughs, with the difference covering service charges to the firm processing the mortgages.
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The pipeline started being fully-functional by mid-August and connected the southern wells in Zohr to its total 12 production wells, indicating that Zohr's current production rate is 8 times as two years ago.
According to the statement, there are now 12 wells in production in the field, and the current production rate is eight folds the production in 2017.
Ramp-up of the Candelaria Underground mine continues with the North Sector achieving a current production rate of approximately 10,500 tonnes per day.
In the second quarter of 2019, the company will expand their current fully automated bottling lines and encapsulation machines to offer dual lines of each to double the current production rate to 60+ million tinctures and 1 billion capsules per month.
The company recently completed its low oil price break-even plan, which will allow it to pay its high-yielding dividend, as well as maintain its current production rate, on the cash flows it can produce on $40 oil.
The KRG's current production rate is likely to be sustained for the next two years, rising steadily to reach 400,000 by mid-2020 and 450,000 bpd by 2022, significantly less than the 700,000 bpd assumed in the five-year plan.
KUFPEC's current production rate in Canada is at 8,000 boed, he said, adding that the company digged 120 oil wells to boost performance and aims to reach 2000 wells in the coming years.
The Minister added that this strategy seeks to increase the production of basic metals and precious metals, to reach ten times of the current production rate, and for the mining sector to become the third pillar of the Saudi industry along with oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Unless rectified, at the current production rate of 5,125 nurses and midwives per year, this deficit will only widen over the years.
Iran sits on world's largest proven gas reserve of 1201 trillion cubic feet, which would enable Iran to supply natural gas for the next 165 years at the current production rate. This means that the proposed Iran-Oman gas pipeline will ensure a sustained supply of natural gas to Oman for at least 165 years.
It is located near the border with Iraq and is estimated to hold 37 billion barrels of oil, which is more than 26 years of output at Iran's current production rate.
Awad affirmed that on the job knowledge and the experience gained by the national cadres in the oil industry have played key role in preservation of the oil production where a number of engineers working in the Greater Nile Company was able to retrieve the production through the wells which stopped production during the last period, praising the initiative of the Sudanese youth in keeping the current production rate and inventing new ways to raise the rate of extraction in the light of the difficult conditions facing the oil sector worldwide as a result of low prices that led to the reluctance of investors to increase oil exploration due to the high costs of oil industry.

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