current maturity

Current maturity

Current time to maturity on an outstanding debt instrument.

Current Maturity

The time between today's date and the maturity date for a particular bond. For example, if a company issued a 20 years bond five years ago, its current maturity is 15 years. The current maturity is important for a bond's valuation. See also: Yield to maturity, Duration.

current maturity

The length of time before a security matures. For example, a bond issued 15 years ago that had an original maturity of 20 years, has a current maturity of 5 years. The current maturity, rather than the original maturity, is important in valuing a bond.
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assess the current maturity across a number of measures to align with those in the eirgrid group security strategy; assess compliance with relevant eirgrid group security policies; recommend a target maturity in line with a recognised standard and best practice; propose an improvement programme to achieve the target maturity and compliance with standards and policies; is it also a requirement to drive the security improvement programme to completion (ref the project manager role below).
This makes me immensely proud of the Pakistani people and the current maturity we are observing in the conflict with India is a reflection of that.
Long-term, take-or-pay power sales contracts and project support contracts extend well beyond the current maturity of outstanding bonds issued to finance each of the projects.
"The Future is HERe" report presented insights on the current maturity level of Indian organisations and how the benefits of D&I can be optimised for all stakeholders.
As the Fidelity Municipal Income 2017 Fund nears its maturity date, Fidelity Municipal Income 2025 Fund will be added to the existing series of DMFs with current maturity years of 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2023.
The levels of KM maturity form the basis for APQC's KM Capability Assessment Tool, a 146-question assessment that shows participants their current maturity level and uncovers gaps that may impede the efficacy of KM initiatives.
Figure 2: How Would You Rate Your Organization's Current Maturity Level?
"Today, Dubai is a global re-export hub and I expected trade business to keep growing with the current maturity in the market."
An organisation cannot expect to change their innovation behaviour and performance without an understanding of the current maturity levels.
To calculate this increase in maturity, the current maturity is subtracted from the future maturity.
MARC observes that under the current maturity profile of the senior notes issued under the MMTN programme, all outstanding notes are expected to be redeemed by year 2019.
The Maturity Model was developed by ARMA International to "paint a more complete picture of what information governance looks like." The determination of the five current maturity levels and their plotting on the Maturity Model provides a baseline for determining what improvements need to be made to the RIM program and to identify those areas that need the greatest attention.