current market value

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Current market value

The value of a client's portfolio at today's market price, as listed in a brokerage statement.

Current Market Value

The value of a portfolio. This is calculated by aggregating the market values of the securities represented in the portfolio. One may have a paper gain or a paper loss on one's portfolio when measuring the current market value. However, it is important to note that these gains or losses are not locked in until one closes the positions in the portfolio.

current market value

The value of an individual's portfolio when the securities are appraised at current market prices.
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Moving forward, our guidance instructs examiners to incorporate measures of potential future exposure in stratifying samples and selecting counterparties and transactions upon which to base targeted testing of practices and internal controls, regardless of the collateralization of current market value exposures.
The creditor and debtor misapply step 1 when they predict future cash flows for the troubled debt without first trying to find its current market value.
He added that "based upon the performance of Alliance Capital during 1993 and current market values, we conservatively project that as a result of the transaction annual revenues will increase by approximately $100 million and annual earnings will increase by over $30 million.
Statements in this news release may be considered forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including our belief that a significant percentage of conversions is remote at this time because the current market value of the debentures substantially exceeds the parity value.
The Mortgage 100 program also benefits homeowners who have been unable to refinance a high rate mortgage because their home value has declined to a point where the current market value may be close to the balance of their existing mortgage.
After careful consideration, we have concluded reporting allowances at current market value best meets this criterion.
MEDIQ's ownership of approximately 50 percent of NutraMax has a current market value of approximately $33 million.
If a corporation has the ownership right to a present or future cash flow, that cash flow contributes to the company's current market value.
47 percent or greater beneficial owner, will have the right to purchase that number of the company's common shares having a then current market value of twice the new rights's exercise price.
From 2001 to 2005 the art market doubled in value, leaving collectors who had not recently appraised uninsured for an estimated 25-50 percent of the current market value.
At Neurobiological Technologies' current market value, we believe the upside of an investment in the Company outweighs the potential downside from negative results from the Viprinex trials.