current market value

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Current market value

The value of a client's portfolio at today's market price, as listed in a brokerage statement.
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Current Market Value

The value of a portfolio. This is calculated by aggregating the market values of the securities represented in the portfolio. One may have a paper gain or a paper loss on one's portfolio when measuring the current market value. However, it is important to note that these gains or losses are not locked in until one closes the positions in the portfolio.
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current market value

The value of an individual's portfolio when the securities are appraised at current market prices.
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'The financial report brought to Parliament every year did not take into account value of the assets based on current market value because the investment in subsidiaries, associates companies, joint venture and real estate companies is still reported at the original cost price
According to Aranas, PPHI still owes the GSIS nearly P101.6 million, or P1.2 million a month, based on current market values, for the period 1993 to 2016.
Among homes owned for at least 15 years, those owned by single men on average had a current market value of $288,912--17 percent higher than the average current market value of homes owned by single women: $240,166.
The illustration provided in the Bill talks about an overseas property supposedly purchased by an Indian in 2009- 10 for ` 50 lakh whose current market value rises to ` 1 crore in 2017- 18.
The law approved by lawmakers had stipulated the designation of a special committee to estimate the current market value of rented residences, determine compensations for low-income families and resolve disputes that arise between tenants and landlords.
Jonesa[euro](tm) sales dropped by 1.1% year-on-year to USD845.6m during its most recent quarter.Country: USASector: Wholesale/Retail, Clothing/TextilesTarget: The Jones Group IncBuyer: KKR & Co LP, Sycamore PartnersType: LBOStatus: Bidding, SpeculationComment: The target's current market value is said to be USD1.15bn.
| KUWAIT, May 20 (KUNA) -- The current market value of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries' Stock Exchange markets exceeded USD 700 billion, scoring a hike of 30 percent since 2008, a specialized economic report said on Sunday.
Summary: Bahrain's consumer electronics segment continues to demonstrate key stability amidst the impact left by the recent economic downturn, as reflected by its current market value of over $632 million in 2011, which is expected to [...]
"His offer is well above the site's current market value and, with the council turning down planning permission at two sites, there is now no chance of L&Q's deeply unpopular plans being successful."
With fewer sales, lenders had no yardstick of comparison and became very unsure of the current market value of real estate.
Reports suggested bidders were willing to pay at least pounds 16 a share for the firm, which would give the company a value of nearly pounds 54bn against a current market value of pounds 36bn.
I would therefore suggest that he contacts a reputable specialist dealer, such as Mike Holt of Stourbridge (01384 443317) who would be able to give him more detailed guidance as to its current market value.