current coupon

Current coupon

A bond selling at or close to par, that is, a bond with a coupon close to the yields currently offered on new bonds of a similar maturity and credit risk.

Bellwether Issue

A bond with a coupon that is close to market rates. Interest rates on bonds vary from time to time according to a number of factors, but are usually locked at issue. A bellwether issue is one with an interest rate very near to the prevailing rates, regardless of when it was issued. Bellwether issues are also called benchmark issues and perhaps, most commonly, current coupons bonds.

current coupon

Of or relating to a bond with an interest coupon very close to the coupons being carried on new issues of the same maturity. Therefore the bond must be selling at a price close to its par value. Also called full coupon.
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In Figure 1, the value of servicing or OAS SRP (in basis points) increases or decreases based on the current coupon yield changes of the portfolio versus market yields.
25,415 new savings shares were issued (regular entitlement 1/1/2014 - current coupon no.
Current Yield" for each ETN equals the current Coupon Amount annualized and divided by the closing price of the ETN on its current Coupon Valuation Date, or, if the closing price is not available on that date, then the previous available closing price, and rounded to two decimal places for ease of analysis.
A week earlier, the Belize government presented new counter-proposal to the bondholders and according to an official statement, the counter-proposal puts forward alternative scenarios all of which the government says offers only "temporary reductions in the current coupon rate with modest extensions in average life".
Those effects were seen immediately on MBS yields for both Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae, whose 30-year current coupon bond yields each fell roughly 50 basis points following the FOMC announcement.
General Parameters for Subordinated Debt, Middle Market Transactions Minimum Maximum Average Current Coupon 9% 19% 12% PIK Interest -- 9% 2% Warrants % -- 24.
However, there will still need to be a plan for transition from the current coupon UPC format to the expanded data formats of RSS.
approach to forecasting mortgage current coupon as a function of either Treasury or swap rates.
5 million in current coupon interest was due and that effectively made the REIT broke.
The current coupon system will be phased out through fiscal year 1999.
Generally, total return, price and cash flow indicators are less volatile than current coupon agency certificates.
If an investor is looking to purchase a par bond or below, either a current coupon or a discount, they need to look at the zero prepay experience because that would equate to the absolute minimum yield that an investor can expect.