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During pre-colonial times, healing was part of the economic, political and religious belief systems of the inhabitant's, ranging from persons of wisdom, diviners, rainmakers, circumcisers and curers.
65-6); and that many bacon curers converted to highly capital-intensive plant based on the latest techniques, with one Limerick establishment claiming in 1892 to be the second largest in Europe (pp.
The production, protection and promotion of Grana Padano cheese is overseen by the Consorzio per la tutela del Formaggio Grana Padano (Consortium for the protection of Grana Padano cheese) which brings together producers, curers and retailers and ensures that every wheel of cheese is made to traditional, exact standards so that it can be awarded its P.
This extracts water from the bacon, reducing its weight by 10%, ensuring nothing is lost through cooking - in contrast to the big commercial curers, which inject liquids into their bacon to plump it up artificially.
The archival wealth resulting from Richard Price's long-standing friendship with Tooy Alexander, one of the best-known Saramaka curers, beginning in 2000 combined with 35 years of experience with the Saramaka people of French Guiana and Suriname is an anthropological treasure trove.
Moores Traditional Curers at Peel is the last of the old style curing yards and is now a living museum, where visitors can experience a tour to see this culinary art in action.
And with two canine cancer curers in the house, I know I'll be just fine.
I have obtained it from one of the public curers in Pakistan.
Some curers sprout lion's hair in the course of their possession by a lion spirit.
Because doctors and nurses are scarce in the Andes, traveling curers treat the sick In places where doctors refuse to live.
The company has enjoyed a rise in success since its humble beginnings us bacon curers and distributors in the Scottish borders town of Biggar in 1885, and now produces a wise range of quality meats, smoked salmon and convenience foods to all of the UK's major retailers.