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Despite her greater justice to her countrymen, Orual's central discovery in the novel is that her sense of justice has been defective because the love demonstrated to those closest to her was characterized by cupidity rather than charity.
Disorder is exemplified by an attack by an man's enemies on his wife and daughter, an attack explained in terms of their lust and cupidity.
Since your fidelity to my wishes may collide with the physicians' obedience to both professional principles and human cupidity, think of their role as automobile mechanics.
7) Simonides of Ceos was a lyric poet and epigrammatist renowned for his opportunism and cupidity.
Many countries have believed, and some still do, that the "gentleman's code," deep-seated custom, and the frowns of central bankers were sufficient to restrain the cupidity that has led to this particular offense.
But the emphasis on people--as opposed to books or the Press's function within a larger scholarly environment--has the curious and possibly unintentional consequence of exposing the reader to a remarkably consistent history of churlishness and academic cupidity.
In the Prologue the Pardoner boastfully reveals both the fraudulent tricks he uses in selling supposedly holy relics and his own vices, particularly his hypocrisy in preaching primarily against cupidity when his own motives are purely avaricious.
Baseball is already paying the price of cupidity, and basketball and hockey can't keep dodging bullets forever.
After the economy nearly atomised in a cloud of cupidity, Dimon became known as America's leasthated banker.
It is said that the rainy season triggers the exuberance of the bird (perhaps this is their mating season) and it uses all the cupidity at its command to woo his lady love.
Their cupidity is only exceeded by their stupidity.
On the other hand maybe it wasn't stupidity but cupidity aC" a concession to Ahmed ChalabiA the IntendedA One aC" the secular Shia version of the promisedA Mahdi, in the Neo Conservative and pro-Likud game plan that covertly hadA so much to do with the means and ends of this tragic war.