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He added: "You were selling to friends or acquaintances in a nice social way having a cup of tea you were doing something you knew to be wrong.
Mohannad Shaatf, a graduate from Palestine, said that while having a cup of tea in your car was always enjoyable for him and his friends, the trip down was also a good way to waste some time between classes.
PC Dan Fenn said: "It was quite disturbing for the elderly gentleman to walk into his kitchen and find a stranger, who then had the audacity to ask for a cup of tea.
Vicky Perks, nutritionist and director of Beanfreaks health shops, said: "During times of stress and trouble, the first thing we reach for is a nice cup of tea.
The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family.
Bad loser: Phil Hellmuth is not everyone's cup of tea as a player
Tests, conducted at City University in London, showed that even a single cup of tea can significantly reduce anxiety levels.
for a holiday, a cloudless sky, Anisette cookies and a cup of tea.
Add fifteen drops of the tincture to one-half ounce water, and drink every fifteen to thirty minutes, or you may drink one cup of tea every fifteen minutes until the cramps subside.
Your best cup of tea comes from a flat-bottom cast iron teapot because it distributes heat more evenly than plastic or glass.
And for every cup of tea a woman drank per day, her risk of ovarian cancer declined by 18%.