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The uncertainty associated with any investment. That is, risk is the possibility that the actual return on an investment will be different from its expected return. A vitally important concept in finance is the idea that an investment that carries a higher risk has the potential of a higher return. For example, a zero-risk investment, such as a U.S. Treasury security, has a low rate of return, while a stock in a start-up has the potential to make an investor very wealthy, but also the potential to lose one's entire investment. Certain types of risk are easier to quantify than others. To the extent that risk is quantifiable, it is generally calculated as the standard deviation on an investment's average return.




(1) In finance,the amount that one may lose in an investment;the potential loss,which could be the capital invested plus any personal liability on loans in excess of the value of the property securing the loans. (2) In the market, the process of making a property known to the marketplace as available for sale or lease.(3) Physically, the direction of an improvement;for example,“The southern exposure of the house had all the best views.”

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This shortcoming leaves children at risk for health impacts due to cumulative exposures.
35) This opinion is doubly important for defendants because it explicitly rejects the scientific basis for cumulative exposure testimony as opposed to any exposure testimony.
Once again, the goal would be to increase awareness among the employee and employer groups targeted by ABLES--but with the added dimension of cumulative exposure.
Typical polymer dosimeter calibration curves exhibit similar linear behaviour over the initial calibration period, but tend to curve away after excessive cumulative exposure to sunlight due to increasing limitation of the available polymer chains which increase the opacity of a dosimeter to a certain exposure limit.
Frequency, duration, and cumulative exposure were also significantly associated with Parkinson's disease in a dose-response pattern," the researchers report in the online journal BMC Neurology.
While the amounts of pharmaceuticals in any given sample may be tiny, scientists are worried that regular and cumulative exposure to even small amounts of mixed drugs could have subtle or more serious health effects on a large number of people over time.
In the analysis, researchers categorized patients according to their annual cumulative exposure (ACE) to ibandronate.
This report shows that maternal and family risks are associated with greater absenteeism and that the cumulative exposure to risk best predicts chronic absenteeism in early schooling.
However, these technologies also have resulted in a significant increase in the population's cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation.
Lung cancer risk in relationship to asbestos exposure varies with cumulative exposure, industry, and fiber type.
In truth, our present approach looks away from the fact that most of the adversity from cigarettes equates to cumulative exposure, not current use.
The disks could actually record a person's cumulative exposure over at least a decade.

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