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Various events would be organized to increase the understanding of issues around cultural diversity and development among non-governmental organizations and the public.
Human societies are bonded together through cultural values - a source of social connectivity, which contribute to social changes and promote social justice.
Legal System for Protection of Cultural Properties (1)
Boylston: Worcester County Horticultural Society, $22,100; Boylston Cultural Council, $4,250
He said many Yemeni journalists who write about cultural issues are not qualified.
The course included a number of themes to familiarise participants with the concept of cultural institutions management and providing them with the knowledge and skills relevant to the concept of creativity in the cultural work, as well as time management and its role in the cultural institutions, in addition to the role of media means in the cultural field and developing skills of the participants in the field of cultural statistics.
The course aimed at enhancing the cultural unity amongst the AGCC countries and supporting their political, cultural, social, economic, media and educational march through activating the role of the civil community institutions, particularly the cultural institutions to serve the common goals of the AGCC cultural strategy, in addition to promoting the AGCC cultural forms of exchange as it is an element of fraternity within the one region, as well as an element of convergence with other cultures, in addition to enhancing the cultural role of woman and child cultural programmes.
In order to boost cultural action in the regions, an action program was set up based on the conclusion of partnership contracts between the cultural institutions, association and all the components of the civil society, to vitalize the cultural movement on the regional and local level and establish projects of artistic creation inspired from the specificities of each region.
But the merits of specific conservative pleadings aside, is there anything illiberal about an argument for the cultural stigmatization of, say, casual sex?
The finances started to arrive, but the VCC couldn't come to an agreement with the city's Department of Cultural Affairs, which had been tasked with renewing its three-year contract for another year after it had expired June 30.
Although the benefits of collaborative learning are well documented in literature (such as Johnson & Johnson, 1999; Caropreso & Haggerty, 2000), the interplay between cultural orientations and group process in the context of college education has not been examined, while the impact of cultural orientations on group decision making, leadership, conflict resolution, and employee relations is well documented in management literature.