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Abbreviation for "Delivered Ex Ship."

Delivered Ex Ship

In international commerce, an agreement between a buyer and a seller in which the seller must bear all costs and risks of transporting a good until it has arrived at a port and has been made available for the buyer or his/her agent to retrieve it. That is, the seller has total responsibility while the good is being shipped overseas. The seller must pay the shipping company and purchase insurance for the good. See also: Incoterm.
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Public key cryptography performance is significantly enhanced by using special instructions, while elliptic curve cryptography algorithms can utilize new non-arithmetic instructions.
The NRC report is a very valuable contribution to this debate," says Bruce McConnell of the Office of Management and Budget and cochair of the interagency working group on cryptography policy.
He chaired the National Research Council's Committee to Study National Cryptography Policy, which produced the report Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society (National Academy Press, 1996).
Stephenson forces readers to see cryptography (the creation of ciphertexts) and cryptanalysis (the decoding of such texts) - as something that's not only comprehensible by ordinary people but also something that each of us is, in some sense, born to do.
Most of the theoretical questions concerning quantum cryptography have now been settled.
The meat of the book is divided into four parts: secret key cryptography, public key cryptography, key distribution, and real-world systems.
The program uses an unbreakable algorithm in combination with "public-key" cryptography.
Thanks to the use of Cryptography Research's patented DPA countermeasures, Tiempo is now able to deliver what we consider to be the most secure and power efficient microcontroller and cryptoprocessor IP cores on the market," said Serge Maginot, CEO at Tiempo, the leading provider of clockless IPs for smart security applications.
Security systems designed by Cryptography Research engineers annually protect more than $100 billion of commerce for wireless, telecommunications, financial, digital television and Internet industries.
In recent years, the formerly esoteric world of cryptography has become a subject of potential interest to everyone who uses computers or digital communications.
For many decades, cryptography remained largely a government matter an arcane discipline of interest to military organizations and to the secretive National Security Agency (NSA), which routinely monitors foreign communications.
We are proud to join as an early participant in Cryptography Research's developer ecosystem," said Dmitri Varsanofiev, chief technical officer at IP Cores, Inc.

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