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Abbreviation for "Delivered Ex Ship."

Delivered Ex Ship

In international commerce, an agreement between a buyer and a seller in which the seller must bear all costs and risks of transporting a good until it has arrived at a port and has been made available for the buyer or his/her agent to retrieve it. That is, the seller has total responsibility while the good is being shipped overseas. The seller must pay the shipping company and purchase insurance for the good. See also: Incoterm.
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If today's "cyberdefenses" truly do rely heavily on the strength of cryptography, then we are truly in trouble.
Public-key cryptography is used for securely exchanging symmetric keys, and for digitally authenticating 6 or signing 6 messages, documents and certificates that pair public keys with their owners' identities.
Quantum cryptography has great potential to become the key technology for protecting communication infrastructure from cyber-attacks, and putting businesses on the front foot when protecting operation-critical information.
The 2018 winners were selected by the Real-World Cryptography conference steering committee, which includes professors from Stanford University, University of Edinburgh, Microsoft Research, Royal Holloway University of London, Cornell Tech, University of Florida, and University of Bristol.
"Cryptography" has many novel features including: full provision of web-based material on almost every topic covered; provision of additional on-line material such as videos, source code, and labs; and coverage of emerging areas such as Blockchain, Light-weight Cryptography, and Zero-knowledge Proofs.
Cryptography involves three patent mechanisms: Symmetric-Key Encipherment, Asymmetric-Key Encipherment, and Hashing.
All this would not be possible without cryptography -- the science and study of secret writing!
Information security, cryptography, nanocryptography, DNA cryptography, DNA coding technology, DNA microchip
The technologies developed by the Cryptography Research team have an excellent reputation for securing content, and the CryptoFirewall core complements and reinforces our full range of cloud-based security solutions.
Rambus' Cryptography Research division has introduced a family of differential power analysis (DPA) resistant cryptographic cores.
An introduction to number theory with cryptography.

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