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1. Members of an exchange who congregate in a certain area on a trading floor to make transactions. Crowds especially trade in certain securities. For example, the active bond crowd may gather in one area of the floor while the cabinet crowd may gather in another.

2. Informal for most investors. People with different investment philosophies alternately advise to either follow or avoid following the crowd.
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Members on the floor of an exchange who are clustered around a pit or a specialist's post waiting to execute trades. See also foreign crowd.
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Taran Taran are popular for their innovative mix of traditional and original tunes, lines of epic poems and speeches, medieval Welsh harp and crwth music, fiddles, bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy welded to dance loops, grooves, samples and throbbing beats.
Cardwell's words frame the personality of his subjects and their musical backgrounds as crisply and expressively as his back-and-white photographs capture them JUST READ Steve Dube They range from well-known harpists like Catrin Finch and Robin Huw Bowen, classical pianist Llyr Williams, crwth player Cass Meurig, a group of Indian musicians in Cardiff and 13-year-old Dylan Cairns-Howarth, who plays fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, Dutch bagpipes and "a bit of mandolin", and plans to make music his career.
Mary-Anne, who trained in ballet and contemporary dance, and is a regular carnival performer in her native Trinidad, has developed a distinctive singing technique to complement the crwth's soft purr.
"The crwth and the lyre, together with the harp, were the only instruments considered to be prestigious enough to accompany bardic music," said Mary-Anne.
"But, during the early 17th century, the crwth lost its prestige as the bardic system fell out of favour, and musical influences from mainland Europe became fashionable.
The Welsh crwth is a form of bowed lyre which is played on the shoulder or between the knees.
The crwth produces a powerful sound, but possesses some peculiarities.
For working with ap Huw, she had to change her voice completely and adopt a new one which goes with the crwth.
The longest word with only consonants is CRWTHS - the plural of a Welsh stringed instrument.
With no vowels on its right half we assumed Dvorak would be doomed to utter failure here, but it surprised us with the respectable six-letter CRWTHS.