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1. Members of an exchange who congregate in a certain area on a trading floor to make transactions. Crowds especially trade in certain securities. For example, the active bond crowd may gather in one area of the floor while the cabinet crowd may gather in another.

2. Informal for most investors. People with different investment philosophies alternately advise to either follow or avoid following the crowd.
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Members on the floor of an exchange who are clustered around a pit or a specialist's post waiting to execute trades. See also foreign crowd.
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(KPMG, 2011) Multi-channel retail merchants shift from selecting orders from shops to do that from e-fulfillment hubs in zones where sales crowdedness supports this.
In conclusion, visitors to Pulau Payar were most satisfied with variety of reef fishes and least satisfied with the crowdedness at the Marine Park.
However, for BSSs sharing a link, it is questionable since it may aggravate the crowdedness of the link, especially if another collision occurs.
This could prevent the unwanted mobile robot that could increase the crowdedness environment.
It has the same buzz and over crowdedness. Of course Egypt wins in the over crowdedness.
As it has been pointed out in [16], a large scale mass gathering can even discourage regular tourists to visit the given cities to avoid the crowdedness, as happened in 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing.
The meeting discussed the related initial data of job-seekers in various Wilayats of the Sultanate and how to divide them on the registry centres in accordance with many mechanisms to avoid over crowdedness of visitors at certain periods or centres.
It is therefore recommended that the problem of crowdedness and congestion should be given priority by the city managers and people should be encourage to build new housing schemes/units towards the outskirts through the provision of incentives as well as constricting road network coupled with efficient transportation network.
The physical work dimension comprises extrinsic physical conditions such as temperature, light, noise, crowdedness, workplace structure, and the organization's space and flexibility for changing those physical characteristics.
Nowadays, D-dimer and clinical evaluation (like Wells\' criteria) have a widespread usage for the diagnosis of DVT, which also are not accessible in all laboratories or take hours to be ready.6 This will increase the risk of complications like pulmonary emboli, decrease the satisfaction of the patients and increase crowdedness in the ED.