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1. Members of an exchange who congregate in a certain area on a trading floor to make transactions. Crowds especially trade in certain securities. For example, the active bond crowd may gather in one area of the floor while the cabinet crowd may gather in another.

2. Informal for most investors. People with different investment philosophies alternately advise to either follow or avoid following the crowd.


Members on the floor of an exchange who are clustered around a pit or a specialist's post waiting to execute trades. See also foreign crowd.
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The research team focused their innovation on using machine learning and artificial intelligence-related technologies to analyse both the group's movement patterns, and the postures and behaviours of individuals in the crowd, to assess the crowd's general mood.
But some people in the crowd pelted the CS with objects and stones, forcing police to lob teargas to disperse them.
The Bakhshi Brothers capitalised on the fired up crowd, their nostalgia laden Khalis Makhan resonating with the emotionally bound crowd.
Another problem with Snapchat Crowd Surf is how it cuts from one angle to another.
Getting used to these situations allowed Gumabao to use the boos as motivation, fueling her team to do the same whenever they play in front of a hostile crowd.
Game is a Los Angeles-based entertainment technology startup that specializes in creating large scale, interactive crowd games for live events.
Using data from surveillance cameras to estimate and predict crowd movements in real time, the system is a practical solution for relieving crowd congestion on pathways to and from event sites.
Teasing apart the factors that influence crowd recognition might offer insight into disorders in which people have trouble recognizing emotions.
It is there; it just might take some conversations between the crowd and the organization for it to emerge.
Less attention has been given to the association between crowd density and HA.
In other parts of the country, protesters faced riot police and vehicles, who fired water to disperse the crowd.
According to Cintra Torres, Durkheim has integrated the phenomenon of the crowd in his sociology without ever identifying it.