Commercial Real Estate Women

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Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)

A national organization ( founded in 1989 with the goals of “advancing the success of women in commercial real estate”and “achieving parity in opportunity, influence and power in the industry.”

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I had relieved Olson, who had remained in the tower at my direction, having been a member of one of the early British submarine crews, and therefore having some knowledge of the business.
All at once he sat down by my side, and leaned forward earnestly at my boat's crew, who, swinging together in a long, easy stroke, kept their eyes fixed upon him faithfully.
Our crew shouted with immense confidence - honest souls
The other officers were coarse, illiterate fellows, but little above the villainous crew they bullied, and were only too glad to avoid social intercourse with the polished English noble and his lady, so that the Claytons were left very much to themselves.
On the second day after the wounding of Black Michael, Clayton came on deck just in time to see the limp body of one of the crew being carried below by four of his fellows while the first mate, a heavy belaying pin in his hand, stood glowering at the little party of sullen sailors.
You mean, my man, that the crew contemplates mutiny?
The Fuwalda, a barkentine of about one hundred tons, was a vessel of the type often seen in coastwise trade in the far southern Atlantic, their crews composed of the offscourings of the sea--unhanged murderers and cutthroats of every race and every nation.
The crew was released at 2 AM (GMT) after being questioned but their passports are still held by the UKBA which states that further questioning might take place.
In all the air crashes involvingPIA flights so far, a total of 750 passengers including crew members have perished.
A fleet of hundreds of aircraft is manned by thousands of crew members both flight deck and cabin crew.
Dubai -- Emirates Aviation College, or EAC-Crew Training has reported a record-breaking year for 2014, with over 33,000 attendees in various training courses (with some crew members attending multiple courses in a year).
When crew managers plan new crew changes, VM Crewing will automatically recommend which crew members to associate with the crew change.