credit balance

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Credit balance

The surplus in a cash account with a broker after purchases have been paid for, plus the extra cash from the sale of securities.

Credit Balance

The profit from a short sale that is deposited into a margin account. The credit balance consists of any maintenance margin the account holder must keep in the account as well as additional funds that may be withdrawn or used to buy more securities. This latter is called the free credit balance.

credit balance

Cash and the market value of securities held in a brokerage account. Compare debit balance. See also free credit balance.
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ON, EDF Energy, Npower and SSE - have agreed to refund any credit balance over PS5 at the yearly account review.
prohibit an institution from requiring students or parents to open a certain account into which their credit balances are deposited;
Some of the gang members roamed on the streets offering mobile credit balance at cheap rates in both emirates.
They also each pleaded guilty to a further charge of stealing a credit balance from a Halifax Bank account between May 4 1998 and 31 October 2013.
William Wallace, poker product manager at Betfred, is accused of stealing a credit balance of pounds 23,856 owed by a bank to his employer, Betfred.
8480 billion, while the credit balance possessed by federal government during first 10 days of the fiscal year stands at Rs.
The service charges 1 per cent of customers' credit balance.
Customers may check their main credit balance by dialling *122# and their bonus credit balance by dialling *122*2#, the statement said.
The credit balance reached SYP 161,8 billions in comparison with SYP 136,2 billions in 2009 while the credit plan in 2010 was SYP 30 billions and the execution rate was SYP 46,5 billions with an increase of SYP 16, 5 billions.
It may also be advantageous to add that paying off the credit balance on a monthly basis would allow one to accept the rate increase.

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