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Muscat: A Royal Air Force Oman navigator died when the helicopter he was in crash-landed in Musanaa, military officials have confirmed.
Islamabad: The six crew members of a Pakistani helicopter that had crash-landed in Afghanistan early this month safely arrived in Islamabad on Saturday after their release by the Afghan Taliban, it was officially announced.
Officials work on the scene after a vintage airplane crash-landed on a golf course in Los Angeles
Fire crews inspect the Cessna that crash-landed on the tarmac in foggy conditions at Birmingham airport
The liver was on board a private Cessna that crash-landed on the tarmac in foggy conditions at Birmingham Airport on Friday after arriving from Belfast.
MOSCOW, Nov 1 (KUNA) -- A Russian military cargo plane crash-landed in
Narita airport, Japan's busiest international gateway, which opened in 1978, saw its first fatalities from an air accident there on the morning of March 23, when a FedEx MD-11 cargo plane crash-landed and burst into flames.
The crew of a British Airways plane that crash-landed at Heathrow airport earlier this year have been awarded the airline's highest honour - the BA Safety Medal.
Bolivian LAB Airlines plane crash-lands, all survive.
It crash-landed just yards inside the airport's perimeter fence and all 136 passengers and 16 crew escaped without serious injury.
Residents of Brittany Manor in Midland, MI, got quite a wake-up call on Tuesday, December 19, 2006, when a deer crash-landed through a window of the nursing home at about 4 a.m.
A MERSEYSIDE pilot and his passenger had a lucky escape when their helicopter crash-landed into the garden of a house.