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To enter the American Cowboy #KissACowboy contest, visit http://facebook.
This was the first of many covers of such magazines to feature a cowboy theme.
However, the cowboy culture and history are a product of men and women
Cowboy poetry kicked into high gear in 1985, when the first National Cowboy Poetry Gathering was held in Elko, Nevada.
I know cowboy poets from New York, Georgia and Florida," Deleeuw said.
The original plan was to first build a blacksmith shop, but the local cowboys thought otherwise.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long sought control over the team's merchandising activities (and profits), convinced the team could more effectively maximize its licensing business than could NFL Properties.
The cowboy poems are reportedly often humorous, narrative verses that celebrate the natural beauty and history of Missouri.
I had learned an important lesson: It's tough to be a decent cowboy action shooter when you have to keep borrowing the guns.