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The amount above UNITY of a debt service ratio.
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Short Cover

The act of buying a security one has previously sold short in order to close a position. In order to make a profit on a short cover, one must buy the security at a price less than the price at which one sold it. It is also simply called a cover.
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Based on the researches of single cylindrical shell, the influences of covering position and interlayer water on the damage characteristics of the double cylindrical shell are studied.
Each time the larger and faster Morning Glory would move ahead the sails would be eased or furled, or the course changed, just so she could get back to a covering position over Loki, all the time ensuring the smaller boat was forced out the back door while the rest of the fleet sailed away.
Within seconds Chief Learn put his Apache in a covering position under direct enemy fire.
A machine gunner or rifleman in a covering position can rapidly pick up an enemy firing at a maneuver element if he has a good vantage point.
Pars skipper Barry Nicholson cleverly got into a covering position to clear a dangerous ball into the six-yard box just as Alan Thompson was ready to pounce.
However, Colin Lee felt the dismissal was harsh as loan signing, Jamie Vincent, was in a covering position.
Pars skipper Barry Nicholson used his head to get into a great covering position and clear away a dangerous ball into the six-yard box just as Alan Thompson was ready to pounce with his left foot.