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The MoD has been guilty over the years of a series of monumental cover-ups, from the exposure of Christmas Island national servicemen to nuclear fall-out to the origins of Gulf War syndrome.
1 plant in Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan to check for possible cracks after a series of cover-ups of damage.
The executives subject to the punishment include a then head and general manager of nuclear plants at the time of the cover-ups, as well as a general manager in charge of managing nuclear plants at the headquarters, they said.
"The visit of Pope Francis is an opportunity to address these issues, to meet with victims and survivors, to fully acknowledge their suffering and the damage done, to end the cover-ups and to commit to full redress, north and south."
Do our leaders fear a "successful coverup" might just become a "famous cover-up"?
Soon he discovered that there were other victims, other allegations, indeed, indications of a whole network of sexual abuses, and evidence of a massive cover-up.
Francis summoned the bishops from around the world to the four-day meeting to impress upon them that clergy sex abuse and cover-ups aren't just a problem in some countries but a global problem that threatens the very mission of the Catholic Church.
It also features full length cover-ups like maxi beach dresses and sheer beach dresses crafted with materials that will keep you cool even in the brightest sunshine.
Pope The current mea culpa by the Pope is expedient in the extreme and seems an obvious case of damage limitation and ignores the cover-ups that were diktats from Rome.
A cover-up can't stop the harmful rays filtering through the fabric, unless it's made of some kind of scientific fibre, but it can certainly delay the process.
The maximum fine for alleged defect cover-ups before a 1998 revision of the law was 200,000 yen.
In black and icy blue, with "Dance" on the left chest, these cover-ups are stylish for streetwear too.