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The amount above UNITY of a debt service ratio.
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Short Cover

The act of buying a security one has previously sold short in order to close a position. In order to make a profit on a short cover, one must buy the security at a price less than the price at which one sold it. It is also simply called a cover.
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Available at select Cover Story stores across the country, the collection will feature a range of looks for weekdays at the office and weekend evenings out.
As you will read in our Cover Story in this issue, the folks at Eurofighter think that stealth (Read: F-35) may be somewhat overrated and it apparently comes at a price too.
WASHINGTON COLLEGE: Let professor Michele Volansky take you into "the room where it happens" in her American Theatre magazine cover story. Her article examines the 2016 election through the theatrical lens and visits campaign stops from hotel ballrooms to sports complexes.
Creative Industries: Our cover story asked why Africa is not exploiting its vibrant pool of creative talents in art, music, dance, film and other industries as fully as it should, both within Africa itself and globally.
As in prior issues, we'll be including other significant articles besides the cover story. We're aiming for four features, including the cover story, in every issue of Tax Executive.
The cover story also reports that The Jacobson Group and Ward Group's Semi-Annual U.S.
This issue's important cover story offers a clear indication that groups such as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) believe it is time for more standardization of business practices among facilities that are not subject to the regulations that would come with government funding support.
Art director Caroline Bishop won three first place awards for her designs: the November 2011 issue won best cover, the September 2011 cover story topped the best layout and design category, and Violet Lemay's illustration for the January 2011 issue won best original artwork.
One of those suggestions - make yourself unique - is illustrated this issue in our cover story on several single-store owners who succeed because they excel in a specific niche (see cover story).
CATHOLIC IS THE only one that turned a poem into a cover story. Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African American writer to win the Pulitzer Prize and for 32 years the poet laureate of Illinois, wrote "Astonishment of Heart" for the magazine, a haunting elegy that reflected the pain and mood of the times.
Whether focusing on chlorine poisoning the Great Lakes in a July/August 1993 cover story, global water pollution and scarcity in a September/ October 1998 feature, or looking at America's most endangered rivers in a May/June 2001 cover story, E has spilled a lot of ink on the state of the world's fresh water supplies.