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A subdivision of government in most American states. Most of the time, a county is a municipal level below the state government but above a city or township. Counties serve different purposes, depending on the state. In some states, they have courts and a sheriff's office. The chief prosecutor (district attorney) for an area is often employed at the county level. In Oklahoma and many other states, counties have jurisdiction over all land in their boundaries not otherwise incorporated into a city or other municipality. In some states like Maryland, counties have quite broad responsibilities, including the provision of public health services and education. On the other hand, counties have no authority in Rhode Island. In Louisiana, counties are called parishes. In Alaska, they are called boroughs. See also: ABCD Counties.
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A political subdivision within a state. It is usually the largest government body within the state.In Louisiana,the equivalent is called a parish.

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As for bachelor's degrees, Lewis Countians are 18 points behind the national average at just 6 percent, and most of those who do graduate move out of the county to settle their families and find employment.
The population size for county i ([P.sub.i]) was determined from the Census 2000 data.
The county chief of staff described the situation as "horrible," and insisted that the county wanted "to do whatever we can to remedy it." He arranged a meeting between Arndt and Dobson on November 13, at which time Dobson agreed to give back the land.
The Norfolk-Portsmouth RMA; the Cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach; and Currituck County, North Carolina.
The quake's intensity, which gauges the actual effect of the tremor, registered a 4 in Hualien County and a 1 in Nantou County, Taitung County, Chiayi County, and Changhua County.
Along with Santa Clara County, California, the biggest increase in potential annual gross rental yields for 2019 compared to 2018 among counties with a population of at least 1 million were Sacramento County, California (up 12.2 percent); Orange County (Los Angeles), California (up 10.9 percent); Dallas County, Texas (up 10.8 percent); and Kings County (Brooklyn), New York (up 10.6 percent).
SECOND SESSIONAs we resume the 2nd Session of the Assembly, which started mid- March 2018, we grin for being on the right track with key performance indicators.Having vetted and approved County Executive Committee Members and Chief Officers, the Assembly is now debating and adopting several House reports and recommending numerous matters to improve the livelihoods of Wananchi.
Superintendent Varnie also indicates that discussions are ongoing with the Margibi Association in the Americas for support to the county health system.
Please note that the most current (December 2017) economic estimates show that Grant County's unemployment rate dropped substantially from 9.6 percent in December 2016 to 8.1 percent in December 2017.
County Named for Confederate Hero Stonewall Jackson

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