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He noted Nevada, South Dakota and West Virginia had similar countersignature laws.
Curtail the premier's countersignature powers to strengthen presidential authority.
The South Dakota ruling means The Council has successfully challenged every remaining countersignature statute in the United States in the two years since it won its first lawsuit in Florida in 2003.
He has become the first practising physiotherapist in Wales to be given the green light to prescribe medicines to patients without the need for a doctor's countersignature.
Moreover, the responsibility is, in any event, endorsed by the prime minister by means of countersignature.
Premium shown is payable at inception: $ Audit Period (If Applicable): [] Annually [] Semi-Annually [] Quarterly [] Monthly Endorsements Attached To This Policy: IL 00 17--Common Policy Conditions (IL 01 46 in Washington) IL 00 21--Broad Form Nuclear Exclusion (Not applicable in New York) Countersignature Of Authorized Representative Name: Title: Signature: Date:
A federal judge has struck down Florida's countersignature and surplus lines coverage statutes as unconstitutional "to the extent they deny to Florida-licensed nonresident insurance agents the same rights and privileges that they afford to Florida-licensed resident agents.
A physician's signature (or countersignature in the case of a protocol-driven or verbal order) is required whenever the prescription for a medication such as Epoetin alfa is modified.
Likewise, she points to other barriers to entry for nonresident producers, key among them countersignature laws that several states, most notably Florida, continue to carry on their books.
Then the final, fully coordinated, LOA-Peace Riemer was electronically transmitted to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) for countersignature.
By deleting other language, risk retention groups would be exempted from countersignature requirements.
The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers filed suit against the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico today challenging a statute that precludes non-resident insurance brokers from conducting business in Puerto Rico without the countersignature of a resident agent.