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A second or subsequent offer to purchase an asset. For example, if the asking price on a house is $150,000, a potential buyer may make an initial offer of $125,000. In such a case, the seller may make a counteroffer for $140,000. Counteroffers are only made if the price is subject to negotiation.


An offer that differs from the previous offer in some significant detail.A counteroffer rejects the prior offer by operation of law, and instead makes a new offer that must either be accepted or rejected by the other party.

Example: A seller offers to sell her home “as is” for $250,000.

• A buyer offers to buy the home for $240,000, but the seller must replace the roof and recar- pet the house (counteroffer).
• The seller replies that she will sell for $235,000 “as is” (another counteroffer).
• The buyer replies that he will pay $210,000 “as is” (another counteroffer).
• The seller sees things going downhill and says, “Wait, wait, I accept your first counteroffer of $240,000 and I will repair the roof and carpet.” However, the seller cannot do this, because that offer no longer exists and cannot be accepted.

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Thirty-four percent of financial executives who extend counteroffers said they have had to increase salaries for other employees in their department as a result.
Third, accepting a counteroffer will likely mean you'll burn your bridges with the company you intended to join as well as any contact or recruiter who helped you secure the position.
The current conventional wisdom interpreting it emanated from the Sixth Circuit (95) which heralded a string of cases requiring contract counteroffer language under section 2-207 to be sufficiently similar to the statutory language.
Given the same initial conditions, that is, the same first offers and counteroffers, it could be that women are less able to use the process of alternating offers to obtain favorable outcomes.
As noted above, a clear record of each party's offers and counteroffers can make a difference.
More than 71 percent of senior HR executives are concerned their companies are losing their top performers this year and are resorting to counteroffers to retain those staff, according to research commissioned by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half UAE.
A whopping 80 percent of employees that accept a counteroffer and remain with the organization are gone within a year (or less) after they initially resign.
Like any other real estate negotiation, a counteroffer is not just a request for different terms.
According to Sharma, not putting in a counteroffer does not mean that ONGC has abdicated its right of first refusal for the Rajasthan oilfield and other Cairn India assets.
7 billion compensation put forth by local villagers, who turned down a counteroffer of NT$500 million set forth by FPG.
with the West, its foreign minister said in the country's latest counteroffer to a U.
Diplomats said Iran's counteroffer would leave it enough LEU to convert into bomb material, a non-starter for France and the United States.