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"Every cost code has down sides [and] we've resisted special uplift charges in the past.
"Every cost code has down sides [and] we've resisted special uplift charges in the past - but 60 per cent of the budget is ringfenced so all savings have to come from 40 per cent of the core budget.
reservoir rgdp-60 (15 20 25) 99041245, cost code: 20301072.
A detailed Schedule of Values should: track the project to date and forecast the project to date, include billings to date, paid to date, unpaid balance by period, percentage complete, remaining balance, original contract balance, and changes to the contract balance, by period and more, and be standardized by cost code (consider Associated General Contractors CSI Codes) while also fluid to accommodate changes or amendments.
An internal investigation by the hospital found she had quoted the cost code and the relevant manager's name to authorise the booking every time she had ordered one.
There are a range of security products available from multiple vendors, however the critical component of security is often that it's 'affordable'; protection is a difficult cost code to justify, given that when things are working properly nothing happens so there is no immediate visible benefit.
In fact, in most organisations, IT doesn't even have a cost code. Technology investments are kept to a minimum, and the expectation of the board with respect to IT is low.
Let Mn[subset]M be the information matrix for n trees in a given circuit encoding: the tree ID, the cost code, the species code and the Di, which is the open subset of M.
Pacific Timesheet's industry-leading SaaS integration toolsets make its construction and field services solutions complete, allowing customers to integrate time and work data and synchronize employee, job, cost code, assignment and other key data with SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and more than 250 payroll, accounting and human resources systems.
Because all cost information can be identified by either cost code or activity, a meaningful one-to-one comparison is possible.
Each of these subcategories is given a number called a cost code. This number is different for each company according to its accounting practices and represents individual M&R subcategories as well as all other subcategories within the budget.