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In particular, Chinese consumers prefer Korean cosmetics to those of Japan or the U.
In the ASEAN region, the cosmetic market has been witnessing a double digit growth every 5 years.
IFSCC also entails a concurrent commercial exhibition, showcasing the latest technological developments on ingredients, equipment and other services for the cosmetic industry.
The group, along with other likeminded organizations, worked with a California State Senator who had introduced legislation that requires cosmetics companies to report the use of any potentially hazardous ingredients to the California State Department of Health Services.
Going to Thomas Register online, she looked up the names of cosmetic chemists and called a few.
During the summer of 2005, I went with four other teens to Sacramento, the state capital, to lobby for passage of that bill, which requires cosmetic manufacturers to report the use of any potentially hazardous ingredients to the state department of health.
Nail salons are definitely areas with possible health hazards due to the chemicals used in cosmetics," he says.
Cosmetics companies have the privilege of choosing from thousands of ingredients to create and market a hip new shade of eye shadow that you can buy at your local drugstore for your big Saturday night out.
Cosmetics industry "navigator" Bidinger notes another peculiarity of the market: While younger consumers use cosmetics for self-expression and attracting attention, as might be expected, by the age of 30 most consumers have moved to an "obligation" buying mode, where they wear make-up to go out because it is socially required.
They now feel less resistance to cosmetics,'' said a man in charge of sales.
HDI's challenge was to create a strong interior concept that would highlight the designer fragrances and cosmetics yet conform to the new contemporary image they've developed for the rest of the store.
Representatives of the cosmetics industry claim the amount of DBP in their products--about 5% by weight in nail polish, according to Houlihan--is too small to endanger users.