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in a recent Interview in the Netherlands on how in the Blessed Eucharist we find this reality about ourselves corporeally expressed in Jesus Christ.
In its absolute, Manichean form, whites were said to be the repository of all that was corporeally beautiful, blacks, of everything offensive to aesthetic taste; whites were revealed as archetypes of moral behavior, blacks as the epitome of debasement; whites excelled as contributors to civilization, whereas blacks served as impediments to social progress.
Santeria is more than a syncretic religion; it is an organic, corporeally grounded discourse that resists over-identification with hegemonic theological systems.
On the contrary, it is important to note that the film emerges from a historical moment ripe with formal transgressions and sexual transgressors; the postwar American avantgarde was replete with films that engaged the viewer both corporeally and cognitively.
Categorically different from any other entry in the volume in taking an individual and contemporary artist as its subject, Bruhm's essay begins by asserting that "if we take 'queer' to mean sexually ambiguous, protean, corporeally illegible," then Jackson "can be nothing but queer" (158).
To say that dispositions are enacted corporeally is to train our gaze on the way in which individuals inhabit their physical bodies and navigate the world around them 'naturally', which we should more correctly understand as naturalized.
Failing to express sexual desire to her satisfaction, Woolf nevertheless presents readers with scenes of meat-eating that convey many things about female subjectivity that a sexual presentation of women would convey: it is sensually and corporeally grounded, therefore operating outside ideology, and it is desirous and expansive, capable of incorporating the outside world into itself, and therefore resistant to delineation or deprivation.
8) Because race has been understood as a visible fact--especially for those inhabiting non-White bodies--racial minorities are understood to be corporeally visible, and paradigmatically so, within equal protection jurisprudence.
13) Here is my translation of the poem apropos of the twiggy ends of the Tree of Knowledge: One conjures a preferred osculation Longed for throughout one's existence, A transitory exigency authenticated corporeally.
To live theosis, then, means to lead our life in an eschatological perspective within the ecclesial community, striving through prayer, participation in the eucharist, and the practice of the moral life to attain the divine likeness, being conformed spiritually and corporeally to the body of Christ until we are brought into Christ's identity and arrive ultimately at union with the Father" (p.
What the monist Spinoza treats of corporeally, as the physical reality and oneness of universal matter, Barfield treats linguistically.