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Some of the other key differences between the income tax rules and the corporation tax rules are outlined below.
According to The Mirror, the PS1.5billion that Google has apparently escaped paying in corporation tax would pay for 60,000 nurses.
The paper said Debenhams had paid PS303 million since 2005, while Tesco's corporation tax bill last year was PS176 million.
Supermarket giant Tesco's corporation tax bill last year was PS176million.
Could corporation tax policy be used to help redress some of this imbalance?
Two foreign investment banks in the UK are not paying any local corporation tax according to a recent revelation.
OCCUPANTS of 11 Downing Street enjoy declaring that Britain is 'open for business' at every available opportunity, pointing to our Corporation Tax rate of 20 per cent, the lowest of any among the G20 club of the world's richest nations.
SIX of the world's biggest companies paid just 0.3 per cent of their UK earnings in corporation tax last year, a Sunday Mirror probe has found.
EBAY paid just PS620,000 corporation tax on UK sales of more than PS1.3billion, accounts released yesterday reveal.
Advanced topics in revenue law; corporation tax, international and European tax, savings, charities.

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