corporate restructuring

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Corporate restructuring

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The act or process of changing the terms on the assets and/or liabilities of a company. That is, a company may consolidate its debts, significantly change the size and scope of its operations, and take other measures to reduce the strain of continuing operation. Most companies restructure either as part of a bankruptcy or as an effort to avoid it. If the company is restructuring as part of a corporate bankruptcy, it is said to be in receivership.
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corporate restructuring

  1. a change in a firm's STRATEGIC DIRECTION involving, for example, its expansion into new business activities (see DIVERSIFICATION) and its withdrawal from some existing activities (see DIVESTMENT).
  2. a change in a firm's internal ORGANIZATION involving, for example, the replacement of a highly centralized decision-making structure by one based on individual STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS. See ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, BUSINESS PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING.
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This article describes several of the major policy issues concerning corporate restructuring, with an emphasis on the issues in securities regulation that these transactions have raised.
In July of last year, Hurt was invited to testify as an individual at a hearing on corporate restructuring and R&D before the House Science, Research and Technology Subcommittee.
Experts thus say the private sector, including private equity funds and investment banks, should lead corporate restructuring.
Against this backdrop, the Korean government built a consensus over taking clear stances and establishing firm principles in pursuing corporate restructuring in order to maximize chances of successful restructuring.
Rob Hunt, partner in the corporate restructuring team at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the Midlands, said: "There is a significant proportion of businesses in the region that have extended their borrowing from private equity backers and financial institutions during the good times and now, as the economy slows, are finding it increasingly difficult to service such high levels of debt.
Corporate restructuring by Algoma's European joint venture partner, SIAG (Schaaf Industries Corporation), has lead the steelmaker to prepare a "contingency plan" to search for alternative partners to build the $35-million facility.
The head of the Luxembourg government, Jean-Claude Juncker, on his part, is questioning hostile takeovers as an instrument for corporate restructuring in the European Union altogether.
Dan-Web A/S has completed a corporate restructuring following a period of low order intake that the company attributes to excess capacity in the global airlaid industry.
Air Jamaica announced that 40 of the company's 220 pilot positions will be made redundant over the next two months as part of the company's corporate restructuring, reports Caribbean Net News (April 22, 2005).
In this sense, imports manufactured in China may provide an important fillip to corporate restructuring and boosting competitiveness.
This year's day at the Sam Houston Race Park, a division of Maxxam, will address an overview of its corporate restructuring and a discussion of the overall gaming industry.
said the pace of Japanese corporate restructuring has been accelerating since September 2001 as the economy deteriorates and more firms are forced to push through structural reforms.

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