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His most recent accomplishment was the corporate reengineering of Arana Therapeutics, a world leading Antibody developer, which resulted in the acquisition of the company by Cephalon for a significant premium to market (July 2009).
The strategy seems sound, you've implemented corporate reengineering programs as well as automated back-office processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from vendors like SAP and PeopleSoft.
The company credits the profit rise to a combination of sales growth, gross margin improvements and operating efficiencies derived from SDM's Vision '97 corporate reengineering project and Big V acquisition.
The escalation of United States corporate reengineering is definitely taking a toll on intellectual property portfolios," Mr.
We also found evidence that corporate reengineering may trigger the outsourcing of an internal activity to an external supplier.
None brain can't do it all in this industry," he says; instead, a strong senior management team is the real key to successful corporate reengineering.
Several institutional real estate owners are currently undergoing corporate reengineering efforts that will undoubtedly effect their organizational, financial, and operational objectives, which will in turn have a significant effects on the manner in which their real estate investments are positioned and managed.
To serve as project manager, the City of Pittsburgh contracted with a consulting firm that is a leader in corporate reengineering efforts throughout the country.
Hackett, who has worked on many corporate reengineering projects, says, "It's not as complex or difficult as many people think.
Unprecedented layoffs in the white collar ranks have been an unavoidable by-product of corporate reengineering.
Indeed, we have found that applying such a normal planning approach to the task of corporate reengineering has two significant benefits: it highlights both the full range of options and the analytic disciplines needed to evaluate them.

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