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In 2015, he became Senior Vice President Corporate Control Air France-KLM, in charge of shared financial services, Corporate Control and joint ventures.
Retzlaff is currently head of Corporate Control, Olof Stalnacke takes on the role as CFO as of 17 October.
Ericsson Birck was most recently head of corporate control at Attendo, a leading provider of healthcare services in the Nordic region, where she has also previously served as interim CFO.
His topics include the definition of a security, the registration process, due diligence and Securities Act liability, issuer affirmative disclosure obligations, and corporate control acquisitions and contests.
This, coupled with vacancy restrictions and tight corporate control over recruitment, (in a bid to meet financial targets) meant that the established staff cohort was weakened and that agency, bank and locum staff were relied upon to deliver services on inpatient wards".
It is doubtful how the corporate behemoths can survive increasingly fierce global competition, handing over corporate control to owners' children and grandchildren who have neither management acumen nor even basic human understanding and decency.
The company's portfolio of institutional brands includes The Deal (, which provides actionable, intraday coverage of mergers, acquisitions and all other changes in corporate control; BoardEx (, a relationship mapping service of corporate directors and officers; and RateWatch (, which supplies rate and fee data from banks and credit unions across the US.
We can't cede our right to national security to what amounts to corporate control in the name of protecting privacy.
He has been fighting corporate control of seed for three decades.
Activist and Occupy movement participant Nicholas Smaligo presents The Occupy Movement Explained: From Corporate Control to Democracy, a straightforward, passionate account of the mass-movement that arose in the wake of financial malfeasance so great that it prompted a severe, world-spanning recession.
It's potentially corporate control for the NHS whether one likes it or not.

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