corporate bond

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Corporate Bond

Debt securities issued by a for-profit company instead of a government. Corporate bonds are a major way companies raise funds for their operations or for a specific project. The risk of a corporate bond for a bondholder depends on the creditworthiness of the issuing company. As with all bonds, corporate bonds have a maturity, at which time the principal is repaid to bondholders. They also usually have a stated coupon rate. Corporate bonds are taxable.

Corporate bond.

Corporate bonds are debt securities issued by publicly held corporations to raise money for expansion or other business needs.

Corporate bonds typically pay a higher rate of interest than federal or municipal government bonds, but the interest you earn is generally fully taxable.

You may be able to buy corporate bonds at issue through your brokerage firm, usually at the offering price of $1,000 per bond, though you may have to buy several bonds of the same issue rather than just one.

You can buy bonds on the secondary market at their current market price, which may be higher or lower than par. However, most individual investors buy corporate bonds though a mutual fund that specializes in those issues.

corporate bond

see BOND.
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The two iShares Ultrashort Bond ETFs enable investors to invest in short-term, investment grade corporate bonds denominated in euros or US dollars.
Moody's, the US credit rating agency pointed out recently that the number of companies defaulting on their corporate bonds more than doubled last year.
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A composite corporate bond rate was instituted, but now, Treasury is talking about creating a "yield curve" in which companies would be asked to determine the average "duration" of their plan liabilities and apply the appropriate interest rate from the curve to the plan.
Pension fund managers who dashed into corporate bonds in the first half of 2007 to negate the impact of a long-feared fall in share prices might have timed their move badly, says Global HR company Hewitt Associates.
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