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Fazio Assessment Lays Out NCUA Corporate Bailout Thinking: Citing the timing of cash flows, NCUA Director of Examination and Insurance Larry Fazio answered critics who have questioned the need for future corporate assessments in comments released to the press Aug.
Traditional shareholder litigation seeks damages from the company, its directors and officers, financial auditors and investment underwriting banks on the theory that these corporate insiders failed to adequately disclose the company's true financial condition.
As new consolidated technology emerges, market speeds accelerate and financial instruments become more complex, the corporate treasurer will look to gain competitive advantage through technology tools that automate compliance and improve efficiency.
The section defines large corporate underpayments, with instructions to substitute "overpayment" for "underpayment." It then specifies that an underpayment by a C corporation that exceeds $100,000 is a large corporate underpayment.
Corporate governance, as a framework created from different historical, political and cultural events, differs from one part of the world to another.
"The acquisition of Seagate Corporate Center is a unique opportunity for Rockefeller Group Development Corporation," said Tom McCormick, SIOR, senior vice president development for Rockefeller Group Development Corporation.
The newly installed deans bring a broader range of backgrounds to the post, some with deep corporate experience and governmental roles.
Corporate America--and not just minority and women professionals--owes a major debt to the work of Darwin Davis and his peers.
Many shareholders chuck such materials right into the circular file, perhaps not realizing they are throwing away their only chance to make their voices heard on important corporate issues.
Since it seems there were no corporate documents to be surrendered, Fitzgerald never had the opportunity to ask the court to hold officers and directors of the New York Times Co.
This article focuses on the implications these DPA arrangements may have for corporations and corporate tax executives.
Mexico, meanwhile, has become a regional darling in corporate finance, in part due to the swarm of foreign financial giants that flocked to the country in recent years and propped up local banks.