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Our study results exhibited that underlying etiologies, co-morbidities and duration of ventilation stay affect significantly on the outcome of the patients on ventilation in coronary care unit. Particular attention towards adverse outcome predictors, reduction of coronary ischaemia, co-morbids, control of infection and use of standardized weaning protocol can improve the survival of the patients.
A predictive instrument for acute ischemic heart disease to improve coronary care unit admission practices: a potential on-line tool in a computerized electrocardiograph.
During the 12-month study period 760 patients were admitted to the coronary care unit: 382 (50%) were aged 65 years or over and the reasons for their admission are summarized in Table I.
Yesterday Mr Cross Sr's only great-grandchild, three-year-old Amelia Muir, presented the televisions to Charlie Bloe, clinical manager of the hospital's Coronary Care Unit.
"It was also identified that the cleaning of patient equipment on the coronary care unit needs to be managed more effectively in order to mitigate the risks associated with the transmission of healthcare associated infection."
It is understood Cardinal Daly was being treated at the City Hospital's coronary care unit.
Well done to the paramedic ambulance service and a special big thank you to James Cook University Hospital, all doctors and nurses of the coronary care unit and, last but not least, the NHS in general.
During my stay on the coronary care unit and ward C5 I saw first hand how the NHS works.
A point to ponder if he is unfortunate enough to be sitting for hours in an understaffed, poorly-equipped Coronary Care Unit.
The need for new approaches to coronary prevention going beyond statin therapy becomes obvious to anyone visiting a coronary care unit, he added.