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It evaluates variation in hospital service areas, hospital referral regions, and metropolitan core-based statistical areas, and the geographic variation in spending, utilization, and quality across various populations, payers, and geographic units; known factors that account for variation, such as patient health status and demographic characteristics, health plan, and price and market factors; and the types of services with disproportionately high rates of variation that drive total variation.
3) Substate LMAs for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) produces estimates can be broadly classified into two groups: Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), defined by the U.
For radio, individual markets are based on estimated retail growth in core-based statistical areas, which best represent the separate radio markets.
Black Knight examined the cash share of residential real estate transactions in core-based statistical areas (CBSAs).
Inrix market coverage is based upon standard Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSA's).