cooling off period

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Cooling-Off Period

An SEC rule mandating that several days transpire between the filing of a new issue's prospectus and the actual offering of the issue. This allows potential buyers and the seller to have a final chance to investigate the new issue and attempt to determine if there will be any previously unforeseen problems. The cooling off period is usually 20 days, but the SEC may change that for individual offerings at its discretion. It is also called the waiting period.

cooling off period

A time period within which a person may change his or her mind about a contractual agreement and cancel it without penalty.The right must be granted within the contract itself or by virtue of consumer protection statutes because it does not exist at common law.

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Posts of president, secretary general and treasurer shall be called ' office bearers posts' A member can hold the post of office bearer for a maximum of five consecutive terms After five consecutive terms, ' Office Bearers' have to serve a cooling off period of six months less than the term before being eligible to contest for the post of an Office Bearer again No member shall hold the posts of secretary general and treasurer for more than two consecutive terms ( eight years) but can contest for the post of president after that, without a cooling off period Number of vice- presidents in the executive council to be increased from existing eight to 12 and eight joint secretaries from existing six IOC member to automatically become a member of the IOA executive council
A cooling off period can only be waived when the trader receives written confirmation from the consumer requesting that work can commence within the seven days.
Holidaymakers are increasingly being tar-geted abroad, where the cooling off period is 10 days, or there isn't one.
The NMB immediately recommended the establishment of a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) at the end of the cooling off period if no agreement is reached.
During this inquiry and any subsequent cooling off period there can be no strike by NCTD bus drivers.
He said if a website is selling goods, a cooling off period is needed for consumers when they can change their minds - even after they have received the goods.
There is only a cooling off period where you sign the HP agreement away from trade premises.
The parties were released from negotiations last month by the National Mediation Board (NMB) into a mandated 30-day cooling off period.
Most important of all, the cooling off period gives you time to check the policy when you receive it.
A 30-day cooling off period before a possible strike was declared by the NMB last week, but both sides have indicated that they will continue negotiations throughout the cooling off period.
Gray Davis imposed a 60-day cooling off period in July to delay the possibility of a strike until after the Democratic National Convention.
Davis, who took his 15-minute cooling off period before facing the massed Chinese press, walked into the interview room and joked: ``Sorry, I'm late.