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In the context of securities, refers to the exchange of a convertible security such as a bond into stock.

In the context of mutual funds, refers to the free exchange of mutual fund shares from one fund to another in a single family.
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The act of exchanging a convertible security for the underlying common stock. For example, if one holds a convertible bond in company A, conversion occurs when the holder gives the convertible bond back to company A and, in return, either receives for free or buys at a stated price, common shares in the same company.
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(1) The process of changing a property into condominium ownership. (2) Wrongfully taking property of another,or denying that person access to his or her property.If a self-storage facility overlocks a tenant unit in the mistaken belief the rent is past due, when in reality the rent was credited to the wrong person's account,then the facility is guilty of conversion.

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These results have led to the impression that the different clinical patterns of conversion disorder behave differently in terms of neurobiology.
Diagnoses established by the child and adolescent psychiatrist % (n=39) Conversion disorder 17.9 (7) Major depressive disorder 15.3 (6) Panic disorder 15.3 (6) Behavioral disorder 12.8 (5) Acute stress disorder 12.8 (5) Somatization disorder 10.2 (4) Dissociative disorder 5.1 (2) Bipolar disorder 5.1 (2) Psychotic disorder 2.5 (1) Schizophrenia 2.5 (1)
Therapist Steve McKeown said: "Conversion disorder is caused by stress and emotional trauma and it is when the mental side causes physical symptoms like not being able to walk.
While ICD-10 (International Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders) treats dissociative and conversion disorders as being the same entity, having similar underlying mechanisms, the DSM-5 considers them two separate conditions (1).
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In the Introduction, the sentence "Functional neurological symptoms or conversion disorder seem to have been describedin only two case reports [5, 11]" should be changed to "Functional neurological symptoms or conversion disorder seems to have been described in only two case reports [4, 11]."
KEY WORDS: Psychological distress; Conversion disorder; caregiver.
Behavioral management of conversion disorder: Retrospective study.
Methods: A total of 60 literate, female patients between 18 and 65 years of age who were referred to the general psychiatry outpatient clinic and who were diagnosed with conversion disorder according to the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria were included in the study.
Samantha had three more seizures that summer before her concussion specialist took a shot in the dark at an alternative diagnosis: conversion disorder, a condition nearly always triggered by a stressful event.
Objective: The purpose of the present study was to examine the effectiveness of alpha-theta brainwave Neurofeedback treatment for the internal self-exploration of individuals with conversion disorder.