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In this article, we first estimate the national convergence by calculating the sigma value of 7 health indicators.
Results of the sigma convergence analysis are mixed.
The tested sigma value for physicians per thousand people fell from 1982 to 2010, confirming the trend of convergence of this indicator.
For beds per thousand people, no convergence is observed in the 1980s.
Conditional convergence (H2): House price convergence is associated with regional structures.
Unconditional convergence (H3): House price convergence is not associated with regional structures or initial price.
Three different assumptions for convergence were widely investigated by studies on economic growth, which include unconditional convergence, conditional convergence and club convergence.
Additionally, it is not clear how EU experts established the critical values for the nominal convergence criteria: 1.5% percentage points for inflation, +/-15% margin for exchange rate volatility, 60% for public debt, 3% for deficit and 2% percentage points for long-term interest rates.
Thus, we can state that almost all 'nominal' convergence criteria are highly dependent on central bank intervention.
This external disequilibrium will be translated in that non-Euro country, and could influence almost all nominal convergence criteria.
The first conclusion is that 'nominal' convergence is arbitrarily defined in EU Treaties, and includes a number of indicators that are highly dependent on central bank intervention (such as inflation or long-term interest rate).

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