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The rate of all loans entering the process of foreclosure in the first quarter of 2003 increased 2 basis points to 0.37 percent, the rate for conventional loans increased 2 basis points to 0.27 percent, the rate for FHA loans increased 1 basis point to 0.87 percent and the rate for VA loans increased 5 basis points to 0.48 percent.
These models "fit" observed results to variations in production mix observed across the lenders participating in the Peer Group Program to answer such questions as: What does it cost to originate a government loan versus a conventional loan? Are government loans more or less profitable than conventional loans?
For conventional loans, total delinquencies dropped from 3.1 percent in the second quarter of 2002 to 3.04 percent in the third quarter.
This increase occurred for all loan types, but the increase was lower for conventional loans as compared with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans.
For the first quarter of 2002, the seasonally adjusted delinquency rate for conventional loans was 3.04 percent, up 3 basis points from the previous quarter, and the rates for FHA and VA loans were 11.23 percent and 7.81 percent--up 20 and 8 basis points--respectively.
The task force also examined Ginnie Mae's potential role in the securitization of conventional loans and re-evaluated and reaffirmed fundamental MBA positions on Ginnie Mae.
The rate for conventional loans was 3 percent, down 13 basis points from the previous quarter.
By loan type, the total delinquency rate for conventional loans increased 15 basis points to 3.61 percent over the previous quarter.
The ratings agency said that financing growth in Malaysia's Islamic banking sector could surpass that of conventional loans, as banks prioritise Islamic bank offerings over the ones offered by conventional banks.
Fountainhead Commercial Capital, a nationwide, nonbank, direct lender specializing in the SBA 504 loan program and low loan-to-value conventional loans, was founded by some of the most experienced and awarded SBA lenders around.
He also disclosed that all the conventional loans obtained by his administration would be settled in 2019, just as he assured that N11.4 billion Sukuk interest-free facility would be fully paid back in 2020.

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