convenience store

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convenience store

a retail outlet offering customers the convenience of close location and long opening hours every day of the week.

convenience store (C-store)

A retail store that sells daily purchase items such as milk and beverages and impulse purchase items such as snacks and small gifts,usually in conjunction with gasoline sales.Convenience stores are attractive investments because the IRS allows rapid depreciation over a 15-year time period rather than the normal 39-year period required of typical commercial real estate.

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Founded in Holland in 1932, SPAR is now the world's most international food retail chain, with 13,600 stores in 33 countries and is the UK's leading convenience store group, with a national turnover in excess of GBPounds GBP2.
I have seen a convenience store with islands so close together that only one car could fit between them.
As the number of smaller operations proliferates, many convenience store chains apparently view the move towards increased fast foods as essential.
Favorable Environment for Convenience Store Industry
Nearly six in 10 consumers (59%) and seven in 10 of those age 18-34 (70%) say that convenience stores offer food that they feel comfortable eating.
LA Top Distributor points out that this competition puts pressure on wholesalers to provide the lowest prices possible for convenience store supplies so the stores can remain competitive.
Now more than ever is the perfect time for convenience store operators to expand their private label offerings.
Those who said their first job was at a convenience store were even more positive about the experience: 96% say that the work experience was valuable and 95% say that they learned a lot about the world of work.
CSX has the largest database of by-month financial and operating data of convenience store and petroleum marketing chains in the industry.
Kum & Go is currently the seventh-largest privately held convenience store chain.
While Subway and McDonald's have locations built into some convenience stores, capitalizing on convenience and foot traffic, more progressive c-store chains are developing and integrating their own branded restaurants into existing stores, transforming the perception of purchasing prepared food at a convenience store.